How I built my first Hackintosh

How I built my first Hackintosh

I built a Hackintosh recently. I already use a MacBook pro 13 at home but taking on a good weekend project like Hackintosh was exciting.

I was leaning towards the Ryzen 2 before, but considering there is more support for Intel based setup in the Hackintosh community, I preferred going the Intel route.

I bought most of my gear at my local Microcenter in Cambridge, MA. The parts are below:

I followed the setup process provided on the Hackintosher website, so I'll just link to that here.

I remember trying to do a Hackintosh setup back in 2011 and it was a totally frustrating experience that I left halfway. Things have definitely changed and following the steps from the above guide, it took me less than an hour from creating the bootable USB to booting into Mac OS Mojave! Good luck and ask questions if you get stuck.